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Lil Baby

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Thinkin’ how we played out
Really I feel off about it but ain’t never said it
We ain’t gotta talk about it
They’ll never know when I’m with you, I play a different role
Can’t move off emotion, this shit deep now I got self-control
I ain’t never tried to hold you, niggas try to high and low me
I can break it down in dumbest terms and show you how you owe me
Still try and back door me, I know how to go about it
I know everything but I treat you like I don’t know about it
Wildin’ in Skyami, we took shrooms and caught a different vibe
Bitches can’t fuck with you, you the one, for real, I peep your style
I gotta get to it, I’m OT so it’s gon’ be a while
It feel a lil’ better when I ain’t seen you, yeah