Hotel Lobby – Quavo, Takeoff Ringtone

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[Chorus: Quavo]
Water on me like the sauna (Wet), some karats, some pointers (Woo)
All these commas, I won’t fumble (Fumble)
Migo gunners out the jungle (Migo)
Buy it all, fuck a front up (Fuck nigga)
Cake on me, no funnel (Woo, cash)
Drop top, feelin’ like Stunna (Hah, drop top)
Get these plays, no runnin’ (We gone)
Chrome Hearts wallet, smoke my pilot, take three vibes to the tropics (Tropics)
Nigga wasn’t shit, I was outside just servin’ narcotics (Narcotics, woo)
Pass me that stick, nigga make one wrong move, just pop him (Pop him, brrt)
Blame it on bro with the ho flooded out in the hotel lobby (Flooded)