Jung Kook, Jack Harlow- ‘3D Rap Parts Ringtone

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Category: Rap


I’m on my Jung Kook, take a chick off one look
And when they get took, they don’t ever get untook (What?)
When I seen that body you would think it was a dead body
The way I told my boys come look
I used to take girls up to Stony Brook and steal they hearts like some crook
True story
Now when I hold somebody’s hand, it’s a new story
All my ABG’s get cute for me
I had one girl (One girl), too boring
Two girls (Two girls), that was cool for me
Three girls, damn, dude’s horny
Four girls, okay now you whorin’
(Hey, hey, hey) Hey, I’m loose
I done put these shrooms to good use
I done put my city on my back
And the world know my name, I’m the truth