Jingle Beats: The Ultimate Top 10 Christmas Rap Songs

Top 10 Christmas Rap Songs

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to add some festive flair to your celebrations than with a curated playlist of Christmas rap songs? In this article, we’ll unwrap the top 10 Christmas rap songs that are sure to bring joy and a hip-hop twist to your festivities. From classic rhymes to contemporary beats, these tracks are bound to make your holiday season merry and bright.

10. Dej Loaf – All I Want For Christmas

Kicking off our list is Dej Loaf with “All I Want For Christmas.” Known for her smooth flow and infectious beats, Dej Loaf adds a unique touch to the holiday spirit. The track blends the warmth of Christmas with Dej Loaf’s signature style, making it a perfect addition to your holiday playlist.

9. Kanye West – Christmas In Harlem

Yeezy himself makes an appearance at number nine with “Christmas In Harlem.” Kanye West brings his A-game, delivering a track that captures the essence of the season in his own inimitable way. With soulful melodies and West’s distinct lyrical prowess, “Christmas In Harlem” is a modern Christmas classic.

8.  DMX – Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

The legendary DMX takes the eighth spot with a rap rendition of the holiday classic, “Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.” Known for his powerful voice and commanding presence, DMX infuses the track with his signature energy, turning a beloved children’s song into a hip-hop holiday anthem.

Ludacris brings his unique flavor to Christmas with “Ludacrismas” at number seven. The Atlanta-based rapper adds humor and charisma to the festive season, creating a track that’s as entertaining as it is catchy. Ludacris fans and holiday enthusiasts alike will appreciate the playful spirit of “Ludacrismas.”

6.  Fetty Wap ft Monty – Merry Xmas

Fetty Wap and Monty team up to spread holiday cheer with “Merry Xmas” at the sixth spot. This dynamic duo combines their talents to create a festive track that seamlessly blends rap and Christmas vibes. The result is a feel-good anthem that will have you nodding your head and tapping your feet.

5.  Gucci Mane – Jingle Bales

Gucci Mane brings his signature style to the holiday season with “Jingle Bales” at number five. The trap music pioneer infuses the track with his unmistakable flow, creating a Christmas anthem that stands out from the rest. “Jingle Bales” is a must-add to your holiday playlist for a dose of Gucci Mane’s festive spirit.

Taking it back to the classics, Kurtis Blow secures the fourth spot with “Christmas Rappin.” Released in 1979, this track is a pioneering example of Christmas rap and laid the foundation for the genre. Kurtis Blow’s smooth delivery and festive lyrics make “Christmas Rappin” a timeless addition to any holiday playlist.

3.  Gucci Mane – St. Brick Intro

Gucci Mane makes another appearance on our list, claiming the third spot with “St. Brick Intro.” This track showcases Gucci Mane’s versatility as he weaves a Christmas narrative with his trademark style. “St. Brick Intro” is a modern holiday anthem that brings together the best of both worlds – the spirit of Christmas and the energy of Gucci Mane.

Securing the runner-up position is the iconic RUN DMC with “Christmas In Hollis.” A true classic in the Christmas rap genre, this track has stood the test of time since its release in 1987. With its catchy beat and festive lyrics, “Christmas In Hollis” remains a staple in holiday playlists around the world.

1. Lil Nas X – HOLIDAY

Topping our list at number one is none other than Lil Nas X with “HOLIDAY.” Released in 2020, this track quickly became a modern holiday favorite. Lil Nas X’s charismatic delivery, coupled with a festive beat, makes “HOLIDAY” a must-listen during the Christmas season. It’s a contemporary gem that effortlessly captures the holiday spirit while staying true to Lil Nas X’s unique style.

There you have it – the top 10 Christmas rap songs that will undoubtedly add a fresh and lively twist to your holiday celebrations. From the classics that paved the way to the modern hits that keep the genre evolving, this playlist has something for everyone. So, crank up the volume, gather your loved ones, and let the Christmas rap festivities begin! If you love Rap music, don’t forget to visit and download the latest Rap Songs Ringtone!

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