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[Chorus: Future]
Candy in the cup, gotta get paid (What?)
King of the streets (Yeah), young nigga made
Sprayin’ up the crowd, takе it to the grave
Ain’t having problems, I’m sipping thе Barre
Shoutout to Dallas, my bitch is a star
Nigga get rich, better take it to war (Yeah)
Piss on your casket, shoot at your broad
Do you somethin’ nasty, roll you in a ‘gar
Bitch get graphic, fuck me in a car
I get you a brand new Rollie tomorrow
I put a brand new Rollie on your arm
Ain’t moving slow but I’m still on oil (Skrrt)
Tennis bracelets and they came with the frost (Frost)
Cuban links all the way up to your jaw (All the way up)
Step up the swag when I step on a broad